D/FW HD subs. KXAS HD Audio problems. (1 Viewer)

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Ben Bassinger

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Jan 12, 2006
I have had Dish Hd for about 7 years now. I believe our HD locals (Dallas/ Ft Worth) have been available for about 4 years(i think) as long as I have had the locals in HD, it seems as if the audio for channel 5(KXAS) has been very strange. It seems to transition from solid right channel only to left and right stereo only. I am using a Yamaha 5990 receiver to decode and it does say Dolby Digital. Does anyone notice this problem as well? I have had a 622 and now a 722 both do the same thing. I am trying to figure if it is the signal from Dish, the receiver, or something else. It has been driving me nuts for a few years and it happens quite often with ONLY this channel. No other channel does it. What do I need to do?
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