Dairy Queen Story

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Nov 28, 2003
I just had something hilarious happen I wanted to share.

I was at the post office, bought some stamps out of the machine, and it spat back a few dollar coins. One of the new Gold coins and an older Susan B Anthony.

So i'm done there.. and run through the Dairy Queen drive thru, and order a blizzard. Comes up to $2.99.. so I give the girl the two coins and 4 quarters. You should have seen her reaction. She went "Umm.." tilts her head to the side like a inquisitive puppy, recognised the gold coin.. and flipped over the Susan B Anthony and read the "One Dollar" on the back side and it's like a lightbulb went off "Oh! ok." and gives me back my penny.

If that wasn't funny enough... you know how DQ will sometimes give you a blizzard, but try to show off by twisting it upside down and back up before they give it to you? That's not a good idea on a 90+ degree drive thru, specially if it took 5 minutes to recognise legal tender. She grabs the blizzard and swoops it down before giving it to me.. and yep.. it slops down on the ground in between the car and the window.

Her face turned so red... I couldn't help it.. while she was making the second one I was busting out laughing.
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