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May 12, 2014
For those that might be interested in getting a tuner card made by a German company rather than a Chinese one (though I have no idea where they get their parts), I got an email this morning that says this (English version):

It is time again for...

From 27th - 29th November 2020, shopping with the coupon code
in our shop, and you get on Digital Devices Hardware 10% discount.
Only the following you must do:
  • Select your Digital Devices products and put it in the basket
  • Enter the coupon code DARKFRIDAY in the order process (note capitalization)
  • The discount will automatically be applied to all Digital Devices products immediately !

We are looking forward to your visit
Your Digital Devices Team

I have never bought anything from this company but at some point a few years ago I got on their email list. This year they have a quad tuner device that prices out around $300 once you do the Euro-to-Dollars conversion. Also last year I had made this post, New 4 input(?) tuner card supports DVB-S2X, about another of their products, that one would run around $359 at current exchange rates (shipping charges are additional in both cases, but the prices don't include the "Dark Friday" discount). As with TBS cards they do offer Linux drivers but since they are not part of the Linux kernel you have to rebuild them after every kernel update. I have no opinion on the quality or ease of installation/use of these cards since I have never owned one, but for anyone that may have wanted to try a card that isn't made in China (at least I don't THINK they are) these could be an alternative. Note that the first device I mentioned does not support DVB-S2X but it does support DVB-S and DVB-S2.

They do offer other cards as well but of course the DVB-T only ones won't work in North America because we use ATSC, not DVB-T. I do get a bit of a chuckle out of the fact they call it Dark Friday and not Black Friday, I wonder if that term originated in the Dark Forest? :biggrin

P.S. Glad to see this new forum, I have been hoping Satellite Guys would put up one like this for quite some time!
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