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Apr 26, 2006
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I don't know if many of you guys know who "Heloise" is, but she does a column in most newspapers regarding household tips and hints.

Most times, I find the column pretty lame, but when I am really bored out of my mind, I sometimes read it. I don't usually find any information that I can use as a bachelor in that column, so I don't know why I read it when I do.

However, I know something that Heloise doesn't know, and I'm not going to write to her and tell her about it! But, I will share it here.

I hate washing dishes and I can't get my gal to do it either. But, I do have a dishwasher, so I usually just chuck it full and forget about it.

When I do get around to actually running the darn thing (when I run low on dishes) I find that the dishes come out looking just as dirty as when I put them in there. Oh, the food stuff is cleaned away, but the glassware is covered with white, talcy looking residue and water spots. They just don't look very nice.

They sell this rinse aides and spot-free conditioners for an exhorbitent price that you can add, but I never found them to work very well.

So, I played around with all sorts of cleaners and chemicals and finally came up with the solution.

Use your dishwasher detergent (just the same as you normally would) but, add about 1/8 cup of Oxyclean dry powder cleaner to the "extra" detergent bin and in the rinse aide compartment, fill it with any cheap chlorine bleach.

It is much, much cheaper than the store-bought rinse aides or the high price detergents and it works 100 times better!

I know this kitchen hint sounds odd for a guy, but I don't like to do any extra work than I have to and I don't like spending money for products that don't work, so give it a try or have your wife try it once in the dishwasher! You will be amazed! I had a glass bowl that I used for a dog water bowl and it was limed over and full of bugs and crap. You wouldn't clean it in the sink as it would take hours and it would still look horrible. With this concoction, it came out looking like brand new.


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