Dell hints at adding flat-panel TV line

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Sep 6, 2003
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In a visit to Houston on Wednesday, Michael Dell said he views flat-panel TVs as a natural extension of Dell Inc.'s product line.
The native Houstonian, in town to promote Dell's computer clustering technology , did not say when the company would roll out the product but said consumers increasingly want to use their personal computers and TVs interchangeably.

"Our intention as we add these things is not necessarily, 'Let's go be a big TV company,'" Dell, 38, said. "We're taking this from a computing-centric view first and foremost."
The No. 1 personal computer maker and its competitors have increasingly woven consumer electronics into their product lines as demand for PCs has waned. For example, Gateway already offers flat-screen TVs, and Hewlett-Packard sells digital cameras.

Dell's entry into the flat-screen TV market, populated by Sharp, Samsung and others, has been the source of much speculation in recent days.
From last Wed...

My fault for not knowing where to put the thread. :) I was thinking here, but it really was more general. Oh well... Its still very interesting. If all this does is make prices crash, I'm a happy camper.
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