Dell W1900 Tv/Monitor power supply (1 Viewer)

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Aug 4, 2008
Hello everyone,
I have a Dell W1900 TV/Monitor that will not turn on. The LED's on the front will not turn on either. I have opened the TV, and inspected the power supply. Everything looks good to they eye. I have tried to find a replacement, but have failed. It seems like no one can get a replacement power supply. I am also unable to find a service manual for this tv. Is anyone aware of a company that would carry a replacement?

I looked at the power supply on the W1700 TV and it is not correct. The W1900 has almost 20 wires connected to it, and the W1700 has many less. Does anyone have any ideas on how to test if the power supply is working correctly? I checked all resistors and diodes and they are correct. The caps on the board look good also.

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