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Feb 9, 2004
First a little background for those of you who aren't familiar with this, After Dish turned on the spotbeam for Denver HD locals, the county I'm in no longer can receive the HD locals as we're outside of the beam. I have called Dish multiple times and talked to some retailers who've checked with their reps and all anyone can say is "they're working on it" So is this just"lip service"? or is there something that can actually be done to realign or reaim the spotbeam?
It sounds like this is one of those markets they should have left conus. I think they had to leave the SD ones conus because of this problem. We have trouble with our HD locals or at least I do to where they drop out at times, I know when I check signal strengths everything else is good except our HD spotbeam which is in the low 30s and sometimes its lower than that.
You could try a "move" depending upon where you are. SLC is all HD for networks, and the SLC beam covers some places Dener does not. It would help to know what town you are in.
ABC HD just came on a couple of weeks ago. I also wish that DISH would have kept Denver CONUS, better news than SLC, and I think a better HD signal. But I'll take what I got over no HD
But I think his point is that the spot beam doesnt cover all of Denvers DMA area. They really tuned it down and not covering all the area. Depending on what area that he is in (South East Colo or Wyoming) SLC might not cover him. It is amazing that the spotbeam for Colorado Springs goes further out of their DMA and Denver doesnt.
I'm near Lamar,Co which is in the southeast corner. I could "move" to the Colorado springs DMA, Since they are now in HD but would loose CW, UPN which has been handling some of the Rockies games and several other channels Denver offers. So all things considered my wish is that they could somehow realign the spotbeam and cover the Dma as they should. But you know, "they're working on it:rolleyes:"
So for any of you out there with any technical or engineering know how of these matters, can you change the pattern or scope of a spotbeam after it's in operation?

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