Determining AZ/El/Skew For 121

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Hi Guys,
Well, it looks like I will need to move my Poor Man SD over to the 121 bird for when my locals come on in Dec. The only problem is, I can't find a AZ/EL/Skew calculator that has E*9 on it. :/

I manually type in the location and my lat/lon into Sadoun, but it gives me a skew of +29. That seems very high to me. The AZ/EL seem right on, but the skew does not. Any suggestions?

I don't know if this will help you or not. I got this from a friend at Dish Network. :)

I posted this a few week ago for our Pub Members who donated to keep the board running. :D

:) A nice little utility, but doesn't quite meet my needs. It confirms my AZ/EL readings, but the skew is specially designed for Superdish in that one.

I need an accurate skew for a FTA ku lnb.

(Yeah, Yeah, I'll register...just give me time.) :)
I used:

You have to manually look up your magnetic offset on their map (or just use the dish one), but it does give the proper set up otherwise.

Note there is a spot down about the middle of the page where you put in the zip code to get long/lattitude.
Thanks mike. I will use Sadoun's numbers. I just felt that the skew number was high. My LNB only has markings up to +/-20.

(And look..I'm registered now.)
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