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VOOM Alert: 2004 Tournament of Roses Rose Parade on DHDT


On New Year's Day, Discovery HD Theater will offer the only nationally televised live high definition broadcast of the 2004 Tournament of Roses Rose Parade from Pasadena, Calif. No more grainy pictures and crackly commentary .. in HD, viewers across the nation will see every petal on those famous floral floats! Live broadcast is New Year's Day from 11 am to 1:30 pm (ET), with a pre-parade show from 9 - 11 am (ET).

And Christmas week, dinos will be on tap with a special programming feature called "HD in the BC." DINOSAUR PLANET will make its HD premiere on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24 at 9 pm (ET) and for four nights (12/24 - 12/27) at 9 pm ET, Discovery HD Theater will feature episodes from DINOSAUR PLANET in high def In order, episode titles are: "White Tip's Journey" (12/24), "Alpha's Egg" (12/25) "Pod's Travels" (12/26) and "Little Das' Hunt" (12/27).
Is this a hint to voom or has discovery-hd been added to the line-up? (Where?)

If not, here is another reasion I am glad I have not dumped my D*-hd unit yet.

DHDT: Dinosaur Planet

Moving on from Monsters-HD to Discovery HD Planet and their Dinosaur Planet marathon. Best PQ you can watch on your HDTV if you have not seen this program. This is what I love about VOOM, you can move from HD channel to HD channel and find something to watch. Amazing!
Sorry, me-bad. Never noticed it up there on that high channel :)

I have seen however that HD-net is also going to have the parade too.

I watched bits and pieces of this program and it was excellent. The material was interested and you could get better HD quality from Discovery HD Theater. They only dissapointment - it won't be shown again this month or next month. I hope it airs again, I like to watch the 4 hours program entirely. Where was that HD DVR when you needed one? Ah...
Half-hour to the parade. I watched it last year through E* and it was quite an stunning event. For those that have not seen it get ready to see one espectacular show.:)
Just checked DHDT on E* to see if there was a difference with DHDT on V*. I saw no difference whatsoever in both transmissions.
I did the same thing. No real difference in E* or VOOM display of DSC-HD. I thought I'd seen the sometimes mentioned "red push" in my prior viewing, but ... perhaps not. My Mits, though, kinda has it's own red push, anyway.

BTW, did I really see the following correct ... will Discover HD be one of the "packages" for $14.95????? I Didn't pay that much during the overpriced E* early version at $7.99.
Discovery HD is included in the HD Marquee Plus Pack. This package will include other channels as well in the future. It's just that HD is the only one right now. Each package costs $14.95. I imagine that if they get something like HDnet, HDnet will be included in this package.
DHDT Premieres Programs on January 13th


On the Edge of Destruction: The Frank Slide Story
It was 4:10 a.m., April 29, 1903 in the coal-mining town of Frank in the southern Canadian Rockies when the peaceful night was shattered by the sudden roar of a landslide. Premiere: January 26, 2003

The Clinic Newly graduated veterinarian Dr. Andrew McDonald doesn't know what to expect on his first day as an intern at a rural veterinary hospital. Given all the traumas he witnesses, both human and animal, he is forced to wonder if he really does belong there. Premiere: January 23, 2003

Natural Wonders of the World
Join us as we tour the globe in search of the world's seven "natural" wonders. Meet the experts on their extraordinary geological features, discover the "extreme conditions" that characterize them, and explore their deepest mysteries. Premiere: January 13, 2003 Tuesday, 10pm

Golf Escapes, Ep.4 8:30pm
Tours of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. This episode features courses located at Colorado Springs: The Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain Resort Country Club of Colorado, The Lodge of the Four Seasons and The Ridge at Castle Pines North.

Inside the Volcano 9:00pm
"Inside the Volcano" is a visually driven half-hour of high-definition television in which viewers get the closest look possible into the depths of one of these living mountains. Our cameras go above and below the Earth's crust and under the surface of the sea as we follow a group of volcanologists and geology experts as they unlock the science and mystery of one of nature's most impressive phenomena.

Surprise By Design II Starting January: Monday — Friday every week, 1 p.m. ET/PT
Our guests surprise a loved one with a makeover of part of their home or yard, with the help of designers Robert Verdi and Rebecca Cole. Armed with some paint, a slide rule or two, and their own brand of creative ingenuity, Robert and Rebecca depend on the kindness of strangers — in this case, the homeowner's family and friends — to get the job done. In one day. With a budget that can't exceed $2,500. In each episode, they squeeze in a "Quick Change": a super-fast, and super-cheap, smaller project. Now in Hi-Definition every weekday on Discovery HD Theater.

Other Programs Premiering on Discovery HD Theater

The Crocodile Hunter V: Whale Sharks of the Wild West
Take a wild ride along a treacherous coast that is rich in wildlife and adventure. Steve, Terri and Bindi swim with dophins, seals and sharks. Then dive with Steve on the ancient wreck of the Batavia and explore a habitat of Tamar Wallabies and pythons.Premiere: January 8, 2003

Mysterious Cities of Asia: Kyoto
Travel to distant and ancient lands where cultures that have been evolving for centuries make up the traditions of today. Explore firsthand the intimate history of the people, and tour the architecture and customs that make each of these cities unique. Premiere: January 10, 2003

South Georgia Island: Life Under the Furious Fifties
An island lost at the end of the world. A land battered by the furious winds of the Arctic. A cemetery of ships and whaling settlements. Witness nature's struggle for survival on one of the most remote and unforgiving islands on the planet. Premiere: January 11, 2003

An Inside Look: Aircraft Carrier
In every conflict since World War II, the Navy's aircraft carriers have been the United States' ambassador of naval might. Examine these vessels, their crews, and the incredible arsenal they carry, including the aircraft that call these flat-tops home. Premiere: January 11, 2003

Mountians of the Wolf
In the Pyrennes Mountains of northern Spain, a journey of life is about to begin. A young wolf has broken away from the clan to venture out on his own. He will attempt to stake a claim on an unforgiving wilderness in which humans are slowly encroaching. Premiere: January 15, 2003

A Closer Look... Crash Test Dummies
Go behind the scenes of accident research. Explore the role of the crash test dummy in the automobile safety industry. See the laws of physics at work and see how these large rubber and plastic life-like dolls are helping automakers keep you safe on the road. Premiere: January 18, 2003

Luxury Planes
Discover the elite, the ultimate and the super luxurious in personal jet aircraft. From the manufacturing and custom design of a $50-million Boeing Business Jet to celebrity jet charters, climb inside the most exclusive planes on the runway. Premiere: January 21, 2003 Wednesday, 8pm

The Crocodile Hunter V: Crocodile Coast Steve, Terri and Bindi venture along the west Australian coast in search of crocodiles and sharks. They encounter wild crocodiles in the thick oozie mud of the kimberley coast. And, on a reef off the coast, Steve dives with a mass of sea snakes. Premiere: January 22, 2003

The Clinic Newly graduated veterinarian Dr. Andrew McDonald doesn't know what to expect on his first day as an intern at a rural veterinary hospital. Given all the traumas he witnesses, both human and animal, he is forced to wonder if he really does belong there. Premiere: January 23, 2003
Just finished watching "What's coming" on DHDT. A lot of good programming coming...On superbowl sunday, DHDT will be having the best of DHDT presented as well.
Golf Escapes, Ep.4 was supposed to be at 8:30pm tonight but there is another program showing "Hollywood Spotlight". VOOM PG shows "Golf Escapes". Strange that DHDT decided to change their programming at the last minute.
Just watched "Feast of Dates" on DHDT. Great show. Excellent. I noticed pixelation in the picture and sound drops. I switched to E* (video) and left the sound coming from the VOOM receiver. I could hear the sound drop which came along with the video pixelation from the VOOM receiver yet the E* receiver (video) did not show any pixelation. Is anybody experiencing pixelation on DHDT. It is happenning very frequently now.
It is very clear around here and Satellite signal power is at 58 and quality is at 45 yet the pixelation and sound drop continues...
Just switched to TMC-HD and the pixelation and sound drop problems are occurring. Switched to Cinema 8 but no pixelation or sound drop. Same thing happenning in show-hd (241)
Getting that jerky movement again on Discovery Channel. I looked at E* and it was not there. This is getting bothersome. It has happened a few times on Discovery HD. I wonder if VOOM is aware of this jerky movement. In order to see you have to watch for about 5 minutes before it shows. Wonder if anyone else is also seeing it?
DHDT - HD's Super Bowl Showcase 2/1 5-11pm Eastern

Don't want to watch the Super Bowl :) and looking for nice documentary programming :rainbow . Here's something.

HD's Super Bowl Showcase
Sunday, Feb. 1, 5-11 p.m.

Review the starting line-up and tell us which program you'd play in the 9 p.m. position!

5 p.m. — Dinosaur Planet: White Tip's Journey
When White Tip, a female velociraptor, struggles to survive on her own in a harsh desert environment.

6 p.m. — South Georgia Island: Life Under the Furious Fifties
Witness nature's struggle for survival on one of the most remote and unforgiving islands on the planet.

7 p.m. — XMA: Xtreme Martial Arts
The biomechanical secrets of the martial arts are revealed as two young martial artists fight their way through a tournament.

9 p.m. — VIEWER'S CHOICE (vote below to make the call!)

10 p.m. — Dinosaur Planet: Pod's Travels
Pod, a male pyroraptor, discovers that he's become an apex predator in his new island environment.

"You Make the Call" Poll
Select the program you'd like to watch at 9 p.m. on HDTV:

In Search of the Giant Anaconda
Travel to the Amazon with South African photographer and adventurer Austin Stevens to catch an anaconda.

Revolution on Wheels
Explore the development of the motorcycle, from its invention to the latest advances in racing technology.

Sharks Under Glass
Visit shark aquariums across the country to find out how research is yielding exciting information about these fearsome predators.

Uncharted Waters: Florida Aqua Caves
Divers uncoverer a cave big enough to store a 747 passenger jet, as well as new and unique creatures found only in such subterranean caves.

We Built This City: New York
By using a compelling combination of HD footage and eye-popping CGI techniques, NYC will grow from the barren shelter of Five Points to present-day Manhattan.

Wild Nights: A Night on the Savannah
Using state of the art imaging and lighting technology, filmmakers open a world of undisturbed animal behavior never before seen.

You may vote at http://dhd.discovery.com/convergence/viewerschoice/viewerschoice.html

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