Did I make the right choice?


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Mar 4, 2004
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I am a current D* sub. but I have signed up with E* and have a scheduled install this Saturday. I signed up with E* because D* doesn't want to bend on their price for Hdtv. I will only have one reciever and dish installed. I will be getting the 811 and Dish 500 dish. What should I be sure to get with this install? I mean I have read all the good and bad as far as the problems with switches and the 811 itself. Since I am only having one tv hooked up and only one dish is it safe to think that yes there will be problems, but more limited then others have experienced? Thanks for any and all input and/or bashing..... :)
I did the same thing as you about 3 months ago and I most certainly regret it.
The SD is much darker on the 811 than you received from D*. I hate the 811 and will be relegating to my kids rec room TV and using the E* 301 for my main TV SD viewing as soon as VOOM is installed next week. Must say the HD available with the 811 [as little as there is] is pretty good.

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