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Jan 30, 2010
Phenix City, AL
Hello! I have Dish Network and am in the process of trying to install an off air Antenna. I have the antenna on the roof a few feet from the Satellite (they face opposite directions). I used a diplexer to combine the signals coming into the house and than a diplexer to seperate them again before plugging into the TV. The Satelitte signal is coming in fine, however, I have no signal from the antenna. I know it has to do with the diplexer because I have now put two antennas on the house and still have no signal. The tower for the station I am trying to get is 5 miles away. The Diplexer I am using is the Aspen D2200.

Any ideas?


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Feb 9, 2010
Novi, Michigan
Two diplexers cause around 60% signal loss. With the "cliff effect" on digital broadcasts, it doesn't take much to reduce the signal below the threshold at which your tuner holds onto a signal. At 5 miles away, I hesitate to suggest an amplifier as it may cause more problems. Now, if you are splitting the signal and diplexing, I suggest a small amplifier to make up for the signal loss. The best candidate might be Channel Masters CM3412.

The other possibility is that one of the diplexers is bad. If this was the case, you would get no signal on all OTA channels.

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