DIRECT TV Rewards Visa Defaulting on Rewards Redemption

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Feb 10, 2005
I have had a problem all of a sudden, since Aug 1, when I redeemed 5000 points for $50 credit towards programming, after 8 weeks, they have not credited to my DTV bill. Their terms and conditions say 4-6 weeks to redeem points.

Over the past 2 years, I have redeemed points which posted in less than 4 weeks--11 times to be exact.

Now, 8 weeks later, no points redeemed. I have called DTV Rewards, REdemption, Resolution, etc and they say that Barclay's is not returning their emails and seems to be "defaulting" on their Rewards Credits. They do now admit other customers have called in about the same problem.

That is really scary and if it is happening to other customers, what's going on with Barclay's--defaulting?

Yes, I will go to another C Card--AAA Visa looks to have good rewards system, so will apply for that.

This is one reason I was staying with DTV, but now, may as well switch to DISH since they have 20+ more HD channels than Direct does.

DTV Rewards Visa is violating their Terms and COnditons that say 4-6 weeks for redemption. It also gives a bad name to Direct TV since the Direct TV logo is on the credit card itself and the Barclay's always refers back to Direct TV "Rewards" department for the resolution, but call them they say they can't reach Barclay's.

How do we start a Class Action suit?

I have notes of all calls made since 8/30/11 and $50 may not seem like a lot to most of you, but it's why we hung on at Direct TV as we are retirees, no jobs available and yes, we can downgrade our plan, but that's not the problem--it's just plain CREDIT CARD FRAUD with Direct TV's name all over it!

UPDATE #2. After having called Barclays' (referred to me by Direct TV Rewards department) and run around, run around, run around--got a rep who took my DTV Account number and promised the redeemed points credit would be applied.

THIS DID NOT HAPPEN! BARCLAY'S IS DEFAULTING! It's been 8 weeks since the redemption and I am going to Attorney General in our State or whoever oversees credit card fraud.

I have a copy of their Terms and Conditions--they are not abiding by these and they picked the wrong Direct TV customer to default on!

So, BEWARE, any of you with Direct TV Visa Rewards card--if it isn't happening to you now, it soon will!


Also, Direct TV is promoting this card for it's rewards for programming, so I think I will report that False Advertising to the Attorney General also at
Wow, will have to watch for this! I just redeemed 5000 pts. for the $50 acct. credit!
This would be lousy if it's truly taking place!
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