Direct TV vs Dish Network

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Mar 5, 2005
Let me say first I am not a troll and not trying to start a flame war!

I have had Dish network for about six months and am pretty happy but apparently one of my local stations and Dish network are having a dispute and I may loose that channel next week if they can not resolve it.

This got me looking into Direct TV and it would appear that it would cost me a good bit more to get the same thing with Direct TV

I currently have service on 5 TVs with a DVR on 2 with a 522 and 322
The 522 services my bedroom and Living room with DVR service
The 322 handles my office and kids bedroom and tree house

So I am currently paying $76 a month for (Top120 + HBO and Showtime) Two rooms of DVR and service on a total of 5 tv's and I paid nothing, zero fees for equipment

To get this same service with Direct TV I would be looking at at least $200 for equipment to get two DVRs plus a fifth tuner and monthly fees would seem to be
41.99 for service plus 4.99x4 for additional outlets plus 4.99x2 for DVR on two tvs plus 12.00 for HBO plus 11.00 for Showtime that comes to $94.93 a month.

Since Direct does not seem to be going out of business and people are continuing to sign up for it I have to ask; What am I missing? What is Direct TV offering that Dish Network is not? What did you see that made you choose Direct TV over Dish Network?



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Dec 18, 2003
I think I would worry about it IF it happens, and IF it happens if it continues or is a permanent thing. it's bad to have a station go dark, but even worse for these broadcasters to continually RIP the consumer for more fees. It's great for someone to stand up to them and say enough !

If you want HD light, go Direct TV, if you want true HD, stay where your at. Marketing power can make you number 1, that doesn't mean you have the best product.

If you don't mind paying extra for that station, call Dish and tell them to bend over, you will pay whatever they ask. Then they can just sign that blank check for the rights to carry those feeds.
Please reply by conversation.

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