directv channels and local channels the same

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Jun 30, 2004
Just installed the Sony SAT-HD300 receiver. I pay for local channels through Directv but I also have a OTA antenna connected to my receiver. Problem is that I can't seem to change the input source for my local channels. I need to do this because for instance channel 50 is fox both OTA/analog but should also be provided through Directv. however the receiver is only pulling it in through the OTA antenna. Anyway know if you can specifically change the input source for a specific channel on this receiver. If not what do i do? So far have currently been on hold with Directv for abou 30 mins.
You need to go to "menu" and select "setup", choose channel scan and select start, it should have prompted you for ZIP Codes during the guided setup.

finally directv reflashed my card several times and it all cleared up.
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