Directv HTL-HD sound jitters

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Apr 5, 2004
Was wondering if anyone has had sound issues with the HTL-HD Hughes.Just got off the phone with tech and they are sending one asap(at least good tech support)the firmware in my unit was 1.06.00 does anyone have newer firmware installed in theirs that may have the sound issue(it isn't often once every two weeks or so,switch channels and it goes away)Any info would be great.Seems that there is a newer firmware,but tech would not really admit to it.
There is a growing number of HD receiver owners now grumbling over the audio drop out issues on the LG3200 (aka Sony & Hughes) & Samsung TS-160 & 160. I replaced a TS-360 suffering from this with a Toshiba DST-3100 and audio drop outs are gone. Your best bet is to review the following links where hardware reviews and discussion are more focused.

HD Hardware Reviews
HD Discussion Forum
Mine has 1.07. I haven't noticed any sound problems so far. I've only had it for two days.
No More jitters

Hughes sent me a new box, the combination of that and the new firmware update seems to have solved all problems with the sound,althought it only happened a few times and may have been the signal I did not want to take the chance of it being the box and going out of warranty, picture is actually a tad better(hard to belive,is was great before)and the sound is rock solid.
The Audio Drop Outs are not gone w/2.0, perhaps reduced. The fact that the product had a short life, less than 9 mo's?
I havent had anymore problems with audio and I have not hear of it only lasting 9 months , Does it just die? Has it been out for 9 months? I got mine 4 or 5 months ago I though is was a new product then or a new box that just came out?
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