Directv Problem with Dual System

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May 18, 2004
I have a standard 18" oval, dual LNB DirecTV system. In order for either receiver to work correctly, both systems need to be working. For example, one of my receivers went bad (won't get power) and now since it is out, the other reciever (which has power) will not work. I keep getting the "acquiring satellite signal" and nothing else. The lines from the dish are separate. DirecTV says this shouldn't happen as either system should be able to work with the other unhooked. Any ideas?
What else happened? Did you have a voltage surge that took out the "bad" receiver? You may have also had the LNB damaged.

I do believe it was a lightning surge that took out the one receiver since it happened during a pretty bad lightning storm with a few hits close to our home. I installed a new dual LNB unit yesterday but I'm still getting the "acquiring satellite information" message from the working receiver.
The other receiver may have gotten enough of a blast to make it seem as if it is working but unable to actually function.If a friend has the service take it to his or her place and see if it will lock on there
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