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Sep 4, 2007
Could I use my old Directv Slimline dish for FTA? Also is their any channels worth catching? What channels do you guys catch and last but not least whats a good cheap HD receiver to get for it.


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Dec 1, 2006
slimline dish is pretty useless for fta - the freqs are different than what most FTA uses and the polarity stuff is different, too. DIRECTV also doesn't use DVB-S, so you can't hook up a common FTA receiver to see if anything would be free.

you could point it to a DISH Network slot and watch the 4-5 promo channels or temporarily FTA services there.


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May 13, 2006
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Directv Slimline Dish

What dish do you recommend?

Although it may work with the right LNB on some satellites but you would have to do some modifications just do this......

Forget about the Slimline Dish. Workable size starts at 76cm like the winguard, best to use would be a
80 CM or 90 CM dish is ideal for FTA. Head to one of our Gold Sponsors above for complete information. You will need a linear LNB also. If your wanting to get more than one satellite, (The Best Way To Go!) go motorized so you can get the entire Clarke Belt!

Any help setting it up can be got from one of our Gold Sponsors above who has posted a nice video on the YouTube just for setting them up! Good luck and if you need more help, someone here will be glad to walk you through the set up Motorized or Stationary! [ame=""]Video Here[/ame]

Look at THE LIST here for complete current line up on what is up there to catch! By the way, :welcome to The Satellite Guys!


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Jan 14, 2008
Morgan Hill, CA
If the slimline is already mounted and pointed, just leave it and put up a 36" FTA dish. Later you can add the slimline via a DiSEQc switch and with 22Khz enabled you can get NASA off 119° from the slimline as it sits, pointed for DirecTV. While it is a waste to have a slimline pointed at NASA, unless you can sell it, it is easier to just leave it alone.

Of course if you need that location / pole to mount your 36" dish, that is different. :)
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