Out There TV has returned!

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For all you FTA'ers who love a good conspiracy, Out There TV has returned. But now it's called Matrix News Network (hmm...maybe the Gov't shut them down and they are back under a new name in hiding). :rolleyes:

Not sure if it was on last Sunday (Superbowl) or not, but based on TitanTV it's on through the rest of this month, hopefully to stay.

It's Sundays at 10PM Central on KCBU, KEGS and KTVC. TitanTV says it's on KQUP but I did not see it on that channel last night.


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Apr 2, 2007
Hudson Valley Region, NY
It started last Sunday. I always enjoyed it and hoped it would return.

Some of the topics are really out there. However, I find some interesting like the chemtrails. I never noticed them until watching the show.


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Feb 27, 2005
Columbus, OHIO
It looks like they have a website: http://matrixnewsnetwork.com/

I have never seen their programs, but from their website it seems like an "Out there" type of programming. Thank God we live in the USA where diverse points of views and "Out There" type news are still allowed. :)
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