DirecTV to Dish Network (dish) installation question


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Jun 7, 2004
We are changing from DirecTV to Dish Network. If I install the Dish Network Super Dish in the same location the DirecTV superdish was installed in will I be pretty close to where I need to be (as far as being pointed in the right direction)? The installer in my area is backed up for 8 weeks so I'd like to get this installed myself before then. Any additional information/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
shouldn't matter either way... just pull your pointing settings off of the receiever and have at it. as long as you have line of sight, you should be good.

i had a multidish with DTV and it pointed in nearly the exact same direction as my dish500 does. i'm not sure about a superdish though.
It depends on the technical skills a person has.

Some people may find it simple and others may find it impossible.

If you can bolt the SuperDish(and stabilizer bars) on the same site as DTV and use the same RG-6 or replace the feed making sure it is RG-6 and have time to fiddle with pointing, I say 'Go-For-It'.

In the central US, Dish is about 20 degrees further west than DTV.

On the other hand, if you have it professionally installed, you don't have to buy cable, switches or those little extras that the installer will throw in.

If you can wait, take boba's advise and stay with DTV for the interim. I did that back in Jan. DTV will pro-rate you and refund partial month service fees when you do change over. Just be ready for DTV to beg you to stay. :)
Another thing you could do is call back every few days (or in my case, I would do it every day) and check if there is a cancelation on one of their other installs. You would be suprised how many people cancel a few days before the install. You might get lucky.

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