DIRECTV to offer Local Channels in Syracuse, N.Y.

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Sep 8, 2003
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El Segundo, CA Apr 7, 2004 DIRECTV, Inc., the nation's leading digital multichannel television service provider, announced today that it will begin offering local channels to its customers in the Syracuse, N.Y., designated market area (DMA) by mid-year.

DIRECTV will provide access to a full lineup of local stations for Syracuse customers as part of its base programming packages, including its TOTAL CHOICE® with Local Channels package at $39.99 per month.

"We are delighted to add Syracuse to our growing list of markets that will receive local channels from DIRECTV this year," said Stephanie Campbell, senior vice president, Programming, DIRECTV, Inc. "Our customer growth in local channel markets and the 96 percent local channel take rates we are seeing among our new customers, underscores the appeal of receiving local news, weather and sports in satellite-delivered digital-quality picture and sound, and confirms consumers' view of DIRECTV as a compelling alternative to cable service."

Syracuse will be among nearly 60 new markets that will receive local channels from DIRECTV following the launch of the DIRECTV 7S satellite in early May and the relocation - pending FCC authorization - of the DIRECTV 5 satellite to the Telesat-controlled orbital slot at 72.5 degrees West longitude (WL).

In order to increase its capacity to offer local channels to more markets, DIRECTV will transmit local channels to several markets, including Syracuse, from the Telesat slot, requiring consumers in those markets to use a second 18-inch dish, to be provided at no charge.

DIRECTV 7S, a spot beam satellite, will transmit signals from the DIRECTV orbital slot at 119 degrees WL to 60 previously announced or existing local channel markets, requiring only a single dish.

DIRECTV currently offers local channels in 64 markets and by year-end will offer local channels in a minimum of 130 markets, representing 92 percent of U.S. television households.

DIRECTV is the nation's leading digital multichannel television service provider with more than 12.2 million customers. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo are registered trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc., a unit of The DIRECTV Group, Inc. (NYSE: DTV). The DIRECTV Group is a world-leading provider of digital multichannel television entertainment, broadband satellite networks and services, and global video and data broadcasting. The DIRECTV Group is 34 percent owned by Fox Entertainment Group, which is approximately 82 percent owned by News Corporation Ltd.
I think Syracuse will be lucky if they see them by year end, seeing how slow this entire thing has gone to date.
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