Directv vs Comacast SD channels PQ

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Feb 5, 2007
I have both DTV and Comcast hooked up at the moment. I have HD with Comcast and waiting on a DTV hd install. My question concerns SD picture quality between the two. I have my Moto HD DVR from Comcast hooked up with an HDMI cable. I have my DTV series 2 Tivo hooked up with s-video (all that has besides composite). I have a 40" sony lcd tv.

When I switch between the two inputs to compare pictures on regular sd channels, I notice that the DTV picture is much worse than the Comcast picture. By that I mean, while not sharp and clear, the comcast picture has none of the digital distortions that seem to be predominate in the dtv picture. It's hard to explain but the dtv picture has more "artifacts" and breakups in it than the comcast picture.

My concern is, when I get the new hd install from dtv with the hr-20 or 21 box, is this the picture I can expect from dtv on the sd channels? It is quite a bit worse than the comcast sd picture. Could the different hook ups (hdmi as opposed to svideo) make a difference? Are the hd channels comparable or does one look better than the others? It's hard to make a decision to go with dtv because I can't try it before I buy it. Once I have the install, I'm on a 2 year contract and I get what I get. With comcast, at least if I'm not happy, I can cancel without paying to leave. I've had dtv for many years and just got the lcd tv. While the sd picture on it is not as good as it was with my rear projection tv, the comcast picture is at least decent, but from what I'm seeing, the dtv picture from my current setup is not very good at all. Someone who's had this issue or can relate, help a guy trying to decide out!




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Mar 20, 2005
The SD will be the same on an HD box as on a SD box. If you watch a lot of SD, then you might want to stick with the cable. HD, however, looks great on D*.
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