Disappearing Pointer


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Sep 11, 2003
Temecula, CA (area)
I experienced a first this morning while visiting a web site. In a small rectangular portion of the screen, my pointer disappears. If I move it through the region (horizontally or vertically) it reappears on the other side. The region is a solid gray color.

When I left the site and came back, the same thing happened. If you want to check it out, visit:

Autopia - Wired Blogs

The region is above the black menu bar on the right side of the screen.

Any ideas about what’s going on?


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jul 2, 2006
Limestone, Mi
Sounds like that rectangle has some flash content in it. Check your flash settings, make sure you have the latest flash download or maybe disable the flash add-on. Good luck.

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