Discontinuing TWCI

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Nov 17, 2003
North Arkansas
I just saw where DirecTV is cutting out The Weather Channel Interactive on 492.

It was bad enough that I lost all those weather channels when D* ate Prime*.

Just one more nail in the D* coffin for me.

6 more days and D* is history in my house.
awax said:
Why are you switching?



$71.00 per month for 2 receivers with Total Choice Starz.

No HBO, Cinemax, TMC, or Showtime (If I add these then it would be 85.99 mo and the mirroring fee of 4.00 for 2nd receiver)

No Local Channels - Springfield Mo :rolleyes:

I am going to HDTV so that would be another 10.99 per month plus the $399.00 install. :(

Bottom line is I get a better deal elsewhere. Plus I get $50.00 off my programming for 3 full months (covers my install cost of $149.00 and the HDTV is $1.00 cheaper per month.

I know they say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I guess I will have a year to find out.

If it is cruddy, I will be back to DirecTV.

Total Choice Starz for 2 receiver costs you $50.98/month.

$33.99 Total Choice
$ 4.99 Mirroring Fee
$12.00 Starz
$50.98 Monthly Total

If you were to add HBO (7 Channels) you would be paying 60.98/month. If you were to add HD programming, then you would be at $71.97/month

How do you get $71.00/month without HBO or HD?
Please reply by conversation.

Any HD deals for new D* customers?


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