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Jun 21, 2004
I just upgraded from a dish 500 to the dish 1000.2 and from a 625 from to a 722. I have a network rack and all the rooms' coax connections come to the server room. The dish tech replaced the coax barrels in the path from the dish to the receiver with his "special" coax barrels. His said that mine were not capable of handling the 80v or so that occurs between the dish and the receiver. He said that my barrels would act more like a fuse and burn out.

Has anybody ever run across this?




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Jul 11, 2009
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If your old ones had a white insulator and the new ones are blue inside then he is right. The old ones aren't rated for the voltage (just signal) and will deteriorate after time and start to corrode or burn the center conductor causing a major signal loss.

I hope that when he changed them he buffed the center conductor of the cable. I just normally use a knife and scrape it on the center conductor. It brightens it back up and takes the patine off of it. Makes for much less resistance.

I have also gone though my home, and pulled all the wallplates I installed years ago and replaced the barrels in them with the new ones. The nice thing is that you can unscrew the old ones and screw in the new ones to the same wallplate. At the same time, if I used the crimp connectors behind the wall (I wired quad shield but it was 10 years ago) I also cut those off and use high grade compression connectors. I'm converting everything to compression but the old barrels are find for normal RF CATV if that's the only thing on the cable. But I'm making sure that all my Sat cables are upgraded with the new higher rated dielectrics and all connectors are cut back and restripped and fitted with the compression connectors. So far, so good.


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Nov 21, 2009
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Ya, its between 18 and 19v and the new barrels are rated to a higher frequency as well. Dish techs are required to switch out those things. Some don't, but they are supposed to. We're also supposed to change out all connectors deemed unapproved.


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Sep 30, 2006
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Blue foam

If the barrel connector has blue foam in it the working frequency is up to 3 Ghz. Good white foam barrels are up to 2.5 Ghz, The units with the hard clear plastic on work for cable frequencies. Max voltage that the cable will be carrying to a sat dish will be less than 20 vdc. Usually it will be 13 & 18 but some variation is tolerated. All these are rated at 75 ohms impedance. He was probably correct in changing out the barrels just didn't know what voltage that they carry. In fact cable co's carry voltage (60 vdc) on their lines to drive line amps but shouldn't be getting to the house. Notice I say shouldn't because sometimes the voltage will pass thru a leaky cap and get to the house.

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