Dish 34" HDTV bug thread

I can hear it now....

DISH CSR: "Can I get you to pull out the smart card on the front of your TV for 5 seconds and put it back in? :D
Yes, I would very much like to hear from those that have the 34in model and how you like the picture in HD, DVDs and SD broadcasts from Dish and OTA channels. Thanks.
AndyMon said:
Hey Roll, could it be that you were the only one brave enough to order the RCA??? :eek:

Sometimes I really wonder about that ROLLTIDE person :D

Now Someone please help me hook up my PSX2 to this 175 lbs monster
Please, let us hear from some more people who have the 34" HD tv from Dish. I know Dish has a 30 day return policy on the HD in a box deal but wonder what the shipping cost would be to return it. Thanks.
Since there has been so little feedback on this TV I didn't feel comfortable with ordering it for my parents. Instead, they'll be getting a 34" Sony XBR910. The 811 will be free with one of the current new sub promos and I'll know that they'll at least have the ability to display a dynamite HD pic on a quality screen. Now, if only the 811 does it's part and E* helps out with more HD programming.....:smug:bounce
I have a problem with some of the SD Movie channels. At the very edge of the screen there are rainbow effect colors like the screen isn't calibrated correctly. The TV is going back and I will look at the Sony XBR that is $2000. I don't feel like taking any more chances with this tv and it's limited warantee. Now I wonder if they will let me keep the 811.
It's not your TV, I had the same thing on my TV (27" NTSC set) with my 501. Seemed like it happened with the Encore package. I could repeat it on the same spot with my 501, so it was in the signal.
I had the HDTV-in-a-Box (34") installed last Saturday, the 17th. I am a current Dish Network subscriber. I did it as a replacement for my main family room TV, which was an 8 year old Sony XBR 32". The 811 was added to my existing 501 in the family room, so I have the 501 going to the 34" S-video connection and the 811 to the DVI. Overall, I am very satisfied with both the 811 and 34" TV. Since I am not using the S-video or composite from the 811, I can't comment on any dark picture issues, but even the SD (from Dish) on the 811 through the DVI is slightly better than SD from the 501 on S-video. HD Dish channels are great and HD from OTA is excellent as well, since I am close enough to the transmitting towers to get high signal strength on all stations.

Although I eventually want to go to plasma for the family room, I made this decision for HDTV-in-a-Box as a way to try HDTV and wait a little longer for technology changes and price drops for plasma. So far I am not disappointed, and I can use the 34" in another room later or sell it (even if it has to be to another Dish network user) at half price and not lose much money.

I mention this last item (sell to Dish user) because I don't have another component with DVI-out to test whether the TV will only accept Dish DVI.

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