dish 500 footprint

that is correct looking for good spot to mount or an idea when they come to mount mine on 12-14-03 also wing satellite ?

on the west coast can you use 148 or 61.5
I have a better line on 148
I would be using it for hd only, I will be using ota antenna for locals

so 148 sat is the 1 I will use
I hope no problems on install date !!
There are people in my neighborhood who have their two dishes mounted side by side on a stuccoed wall on the side of their house. I mounted mine on an eve on a side of the house not visible from the street. There are plenty of options as long as you don't have tall trees or other obstructions in the way. Here in the LA area the look angles for 110/119 and 148 are quite high so no problems even up in the mountains with lots of trees.
well if I am reading the info I found on the net right the 148 sat is viewable at 203 deg and 36 to 37 deg angle if this is correct for my zip code of 95825 I should clear the 1 tree in my way

I hope !!!!
Just making sure here...

You aren't paying for that second dish are you? If you subscribe to locals you can get it free since there is one Sacramento local channel on 148. :D
I hope not csr said because I ordered the hd pac and hbo I would beable
to receive all hd channels I hope she was right

just in case my friend has an old dish 300 (he went to D*)
do you know if it would work with the hd-811
No problem as long as you have the right switches to go along with it. You might want to call back and verify what is included. I think they are charging $99 for the second dish if you just order it for HD programming.
By looking at the subject it made me think of what areas received the Dish500 signal (110 and 119 orbital slots).

I dont think the Dish500 will be able to pickup all the HD channels as some are on the wing slots although I have heard an announcement that the Dish500 would be all that you would need. I would tune in to the Consumer Charlie Chat on Channel 101 on December 8th at 10:00 PM for more information in regards to this.

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