Dish CSR's Are Clueless


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Sep 8, 2003
You have to love the CSR's at Dish. I was just about to purchase a Motorola HDT100 over-the-air HD receiver when I stopped by the Satelliteguys to see what was happening. After reading about the deal, $149 for the 811, I decided to go that route and use the receiver for my local HD programming.

I just called to order the 811 at $149 and I was told I wasn't eligible. According to their records, I've been a customer for 3 years, 1 month, and 21 day’s, I subscribe to AT100, and already have credit card auto-pay.

The CSR said they have 2 offers at this time, one is a special which is the 811 for $199 and requires credit card auto-pay and a 1 year commitment to AT50 or higher, and the other is an exclusive which is $149 total, no commitment at all. I said I wanted the exclusive deal but was told I didn't qualify. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor told me the exclusive deal was a random deal, like the lottery and my number didn't come up. I told them about how everyone on the Satelliteguys web site were all saying they are getting this deal. He said they must just be lucky. Man, I'll tell you I've just about had it with Dish and their CSR's. I told him I paid full price for my 501 when they first came out and I think I've been a good customer for 3 plus years. I said that maybe it's time for me to look at moving to D-TV, and he said he wished me well.

I'm going to send an email off to Mark Duffy to see what the he*l is going on.
I do not pitty Dish Network for the churn that they have and I think their "I dont care" attitude and giving some customers deals while not giving others deals as well as lying plays a role in losing a number of subscribers. By them telling a customer that they give out deals to customers at random makes no sense for a company to do.

I have read where customers that had $50 or more in programming per month or something like that and had been a customer before January would qualify for the $149 offer. If that is the case then they should not be telling them that they are doing it at random like a lottery because this makes them look very bad as a company. This is not a good marketing strategy for them.

Yeah, sure it satisfies customers, but it also ticks off just as many if not more because of what they were told. Now perhaps if they were told that they had to have certain requirements to qualify instead of it being done at random it would not make so many mad.

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