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Oct 10, 2003
Hi Scott, finally found you here, after seen you for couple of years in the other forum.

Well, I just need you to try to help me a little here, I'm wondering what customers here in Puerto Rico will work with the new 105 and HD channels with the 6000.

As you may know, we are completely legal to subscribe to Dish, but Dish never take us under consideration in order to make moves or take decisions, we are always affected negatively by them, Dish only consider CONUS customers with a Dish 500 antenna, and forget that we are paying customers, US Citizens and pay the exact amount of money than you, but we need at leat a 4 footer for 119 and an additional 5 footer for 110, so we already have 2 big size antennas combined with regular Legacy Switches (Simple because we can't use DishPro LNBs oriented to Dish 500 size antennas), in addition to that I have another 4 footer pointing to 61.5, everything hooked to my SW-64 and 4 receivers, 1 - 508, 1- 7100, 1 - 2800 and the 6000 model for my Family Room and Home Theather.

As you can see we won't be able to use the SuperDish, so we will need to try to re-point the 4 footer of 61.5 to the 105 orbit location, we will need to find the correct FSS KU LNB (I'm waiting for 1 that I ordered, so until I receive it I don't know if I will be able to lock signal with my 4 footer), but my worries are about the switches.

Do you know how I and the rest of us here will be able to combine actual 119 and 110 antennas with the 105, and if the regular DishPro Adapter will work with the proposed setup and the 6000?, Remember not the regular setup you guys will have, but, the above mentioned.

Thanks a lot.
You may need a much larger dish than the 4ft. for the satellite currently at 105. It is an old FSS (AMC2) I believe it is at about half the strength of the weakest DBS satellite DISH is currently using. You might want to leave it aimed at 61.5 for now that satellite will still be used for atleast another 6 Mo.
I know, I have a spare 6 footer than can be use, but for now, problem is that Dish just removed the HD PPV Channel, one of the reasons I have a HDTV model, Dish continue making Non-sense decisions regarding all their stuff, and this is one of them. I know they were forced to vacate Tr. 24, but they could easily moved the HD PPV channel to another Tr. and that way they didn't leave the East Coast and us without the option to see Newest PPV Movie in HD, like Lord of the Rings actually showing.
problem is that Dish just removed the HD PPV Channel, one of the reasons I have a HDTV model, Dish continue making Non-sense decisions regarding all their stuff, and this is one of them.

Actually the FCC made Dish give up the transponder the HD PPV Channel was on to VOOM. Dish just lost 3 transponders at 61.5 so that is why HD PPV is gone.

This was not a decission made by Dish, this was the FCC's doing.
I know Scott, but then you can easily make som eother moves, planning is everything, and they knew about that long time ago, but easiest decision was (apparently) just ost the Transponder and the channel(s) they contained.

Scott, what about the questions I made? What do you think I need in order to lock and combine Sat 105 with 119 and 110 with my existent equipment?

Thanks for any input.
Well Scott, after 5 days waiting for your answer and help, I give up.

I was just trying to get help from your knowledge and also to see if you with your good contacts with Dish can give me and the rest of Puerto Rico and Virgin Island that pays the same money than all of you in the states and more (Due to all additional equipment we need to buy) an answer about what to do with our recently bought 6000 receivers and the HD commitment for 1 year, if we can't lock 105 satellite.

Will move on, to see if somebody else can help us.
Thanks P Smith, I will need to wait to see what happens, I simply can't install a bigger dish (Another one, remember I have 4, 5 and 6 footers already there).
Dish unfortunately seem not to consider the PR market big enough to bother about.

They leave the extended guide on transponder 29 at 110 although even with a 6ft dish it is very marginal and sometimes will not download. I am sure with a little innovative thinking they could move that particular service onto a more powerful transponder.

Several channels (univision, galavision, some sports events etc.) are blacked out because they are carried on local channels that are not receivable island wide and despite having a spot beam available on transponder 4 at 110 there appears to have been no move towards putting local channels up on the satellite.

Like Edgar says PR residents pay the same as everyone else and Dish is happy to take their money but not pay attention to the needs of the islanders.

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