Dish 500 upgrade problems


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Oct 21, 2003

I am doing a dish 500 for my grandmother. I got the dish up and all connected. I ran check switch everything was ok. Checked all my setting 250, 127 skew, 25 elev. I could not get any signal. This is a dish pro twin, with a dp301. What am I doing wrong.

Pauli20000 ?
When you say "everything was ok." during your run of a check switch, what exactly do you mean? From your question, you shouldn't receive an OK if you do not receive at least Channel 101 after properly installing a Dish 500DP unit with a DP301. The check switch SHOULD comeback with 110 and 119 orbitals with polarity ALL and Device SGL.
I ran check switch, it said in the details something like dp twin connected, connection good, no signal present.
Is your mast level?

Did you rotate the dish on the mast to try finding the signal?

Putting in a dish like that is a 2 person job. :)

One to move the Dish and the second to watching the signal meter on the Dish and yelling when you find something. :)
I did rotate the dish to try to get a signal, got nothing. I did every from dish elevation to a new cable just in case.I done a few other dish 500 upgrades including my own and never had this type of problem, this was my first attempt with a dishpro lbnf.
Double check to make sure the original post is still perfectly level in both directions, the Dish 500 is much less forgiving. Once its level use a magnetic compass to find a reference point and shoot for that you should have some kind of signal. Also since you already ran a check switch you may need to align with an old lnb first using the 119 side of the yoke as the switch may be giving false readings.
thanks for the help, all fixed

Thanks for all the help, it was a mast problem.

pauli20000 D

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