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Sep 7, 2003
my 6000 is sending a line, barely noticible, down the center of my rptv. I am connected via component cables. This just started last night. I switched ports on my tv and it does the same thing. Thanks for your help.

when does this line occur? During all viewing, OTA's, HiDef content only, During Menu browsing?
You could also try hooking up another component device to your rptv, like a dvd player. Also try using that suspect 6000 on another component IN monitor.
Thanks for your reply,

The line occours at all vieweing (ota,sat.,menus) I used my dvd player on the other component connection, its fine. It came "out of the blue" last night after I added some programming.

I just looked at the power cord to one of the 6000's in my outfit. I noticed they were all 3 pronged. I would check the outlets in the house and the surronding areas where the unit is hooked up. Maybe even breaking out an extension cord just to plug the 6000 into a distant outlet. Maybe even drastic measures like pulling the bonded ground off the coax connection, only temporary just to troubleshoot or check. I guess you cant find other 6000's in your neighborhood?

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