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Oct 24, 2003

I have a rather dense question. Since I do not have a 921, I want to record programs off my 6000, using a VCR. Questions:

1. If I run my coaxial cable from my satellite through the VCR and then to the 6000 receiver will that work?? Does this mean I can record programs from HDnet, OTA programs etc?

2. Or is the alternative approach to run RCA cables from the A/V outputs from the 6000 directly to my VCR? If this is a viable appoarch, it probably means I can only record analog signals and not any HD programs, right?

Until the 921 is worthy of the $999 I must contend with the VCR and the 6000 marriage :(

#2 would give the best results. You are correct in assuming that you could only record an analog SD picture on your VCR since that is all it was designed to handle. Even if you had one of those nice HD VHS machines you could only record SD analog out of the 6000 - unless you got the "upgrade" from 169time. Check them out at and see what you think. I haven't researched it fully myself yet but it looks like the only alternative to a 921. Kinda expensive though at $1499!!! :shocked
By the way, if I recall correctly the 6000 will not simultaneously output SD and HD. This means that if you are using the composite video output to your VCR it won't see anything if you are watching an HD program. You would have to watch in SD in order to record it. Where's the fun in that?
Thx dlsnyder,

I will look at this 169time thing.

This is a "give and take" situation with trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, working with old technology and applying it cutting edge. Getting the analog to choke down ditigal....what other phrases work here...oh well. I guess I will just have to watch a show and memorize in my brain.

There you go! Attaching the coax to the VCR first then to the 6000 as you stated will not work. The VCR would block the satellite signal from getting to your 6000, not to mention what the voltages coming from it would do to your VCR.
Going by your signature, I assume you have a fairly large screen and it is capable of HD. My solution was to purchase a JVC DVHS deck refurbbed from for $299 and record the 6000 HD downrezzed into the JVC via S-Video and I get excellent results. I view the output via the JVC's component output to my projector and on a 110" screen the image is as good as a DVD. I am quite happy with this solution until I can afford a box with firewire output or a HD PVR.
DarrellP, I have a question about your 6000 via svideo out.

My 811 has an issue with 720p source material via svideo. I get slight shimmering/smearing when the picture pans (for example, ESPNHD basketball and ABC OTA NFL football (from a few weeks ago)). Football yard marker lines and/or basketball court lines have noticeable motion. 1080i to 480i stuff is excellent - DVD quality as you say. I'm a few months away from an HD set and rely on svideo to my 35inch direct view mitsubitshi.

I'm wondering is the 6000 does this also.
It could be the scaler in the 811 that's doing a poor job. I don't have an 811 so I can't test this for you. Also, the 6000 is either SD or HD, not both at the same time like the 811. Try watching your 720P channels in 1080i and see if that helps.
DarrellP said:
It could be the scaler in the 811 that's doing a poor job.

That's pretty much what I was thinking. I wonder if that could be a future software fix or if that is more of a hardware issue.

DarrellP said:
Try watching your 720P channels in 1080i and see if that helps.

It is my understanding that the 720p/1080i setting only relates to component and dvi output. Svideo always gets 480i. That seamed to be true when I switched it back and forth in the HD SETUP screen. It didn't make any difference on my svideo output.

From what you said the 6000 does not have this issue. Thanks. That gives me some ammo for my 'discussion' with E*.

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