Dish 508 having sound & picture breakups.


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Sep 12, 2003
It appears that the disk must be corrupted. If I ditch a lot of stored programming it records fine then has the problem for all subsequent recordings.

Is there a support phone I can call to get a replacement w/o trying a series of 20 inane and not working diagnostic step with an uniformed CSR? Is there a way to do a defrag or disk integrity check to write over or block a bad sector?

Thanks in advance for any help,
I have this problem too.

It was working fine for the first couple of weeks, then I would (mostly) have sound drop out, and a quiet "bee" coming from my receiver.
Your only option is to call 800-333-3474 and select option for Technical support go through the inane tests then do a RA they will ship you a remanufactured 508 HOPEFULLY without problems.
Sounds like a tuner failure. When that happens you will start to notice on live tv and your recordings that they are pixellating and getting worse as time goes by.

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