Dish 522 and another receiver


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May 21, 2004
Ok. Now that single mode is up and running. What kind of wiring do I need to hook up an older receiver to tv2 and still see my recorded programs on tv2? Someone had told me this could be done, but I can't find how to wire it.
I'm confused...what do you want to do? Single mode still requires both tuners to be connected to your's just that it outputs one image instead of two seperate ones, independantly controlled.
I want to use the tv 1 output to watch television and the tv 2 output to just record and then hook up a seperate receiver to my second television but still be able to watch my dvr programs on the second television. you want the 522 running in single mode..using both tuners JUST for it.. That..probably wouldn't really work. If I understand you right.

You'd still need an LNB with three outputs, two for the 522 and one for the other reciever. Hook up your TV1 output to the first television, and then run a coax cable from the TV2 output to the ANT input of your second reciever. What'll happen is, when you turn OFF the second reciever, it'll pass through the signal from the 522. The 522 doesn't keep seperate DVR lists for each tuner, it just puts them all in one list, so it doesn't really matter which tuner it records on. You can run the 522 in single mode, and see the same thing on both TVs, or in dual mode, and be able to watch two different things at the same time.

That kinda answer your question, or is there a little more clarification needed? I'm always a little fuzzy when I can't quite see the end result.

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