DISH 622 - a way to go from HDMI out to RGB? (1 Viewer)

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Oct 25, 2003
I have just acquired a 622. Previously, I had a 921, and I ran component out to a plasma for HD that way.

I also have a CRT projector in my home theater, and I want to run a feed to that projector. With the 921, I used a DVI-to-RGB adapter from my computer monitor, and it worked fine out of the DVI port from the 921. This was DVI-I.

Now, there is no DVI port on the 622. I purchased a HDMI to DVI adapter, but this is DVI-D, so it doesn't fit (there are four pins surrounding the horizontal bar on the DVI-to-RGB adapter, and no holes for them on the HDMI-DVI adapter).

So, does anyone know: 1) Where can I get an HDMI-to-DVI-I adapter, which I can then run to RGB through my DVI-to-RGB adapter, and 2) Will this work? (an alternative would be a DVI-D to RGB adapter, but I suspect that this would either not work or is not available).

The bottom line is I want a feed to the CRT projector so I can still watch HD, and the component output is spoken for.

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May 20, 2004
RGB input takes analog signal. DVI-I (which has DVI-D and DVI-A together) has the same analog signal over DVI-A pins so a simple adapter works. HDMI only has digital signal, therefore only HDMI to DVI-D adapters are available for a reasonable price. To convert HDMI to DVI-A a DAC is needed. This is possible, but a component switch would be much better solution.


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Jul 18, 2006
Ashville, OH
My TV (Barco Retrovision 801S) only takes RGBHV so I had to use a transcoder to go from Component to RGB. With a lot of research on and other places, I came to:

This is an excellent little device and when you see what it can do on screen its amazing. They are custom made, so you need to wait a little while for any one you order, but they are known as some of the best if RGB is your only option.
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