Dish 811 remote code for Sony HS20


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Apr 22, 2004
I've tried the codes at dish's website for Sony tv's and some other Sony tv codes found on the internet but have yet to find one that will work with the Sony HS20 PJ. Also went through the search function on the remote with no luck.

Posted on AVS forums but no answer there. Does anyone have any insight/suggestions for me. Thanks!! BTW, appreciate all the good info found on the forum so far!
Nice PJ!!! If you end up not being able to use the Dish remote, you can get a Radio Shack 2116 or 2117 for around $30. That's what I use for my home theater, which includes a Sanyo PJ, Sony TV, two Dish receivers, Sony audio, etc.

It's very customizable out of the box, and has learning on most keys. The really cool thing is that you can use free "JP1" software and a $14 cable to completely customize it.
Thanks for the reply Gary! I guess I'll just be stuck with 2 remotes for the time being. My Dish remote will do what I need, with the exception of the tv, (I only want to be able to turn it on and off). That remote suggestion sounds pretty good. I've looked at their Kameleon and thought it looked nice, but the features you mentioned on the other might make it a better option when I'm ready to buy one. Appreciate the time.

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