Dish 811 vs JVC's 811


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Dec 18, 2003
I decided to do the HD thing around Christmas and just couldn't get things working good. I purchased an Dish 811, and a JVC 26in LCD Widescreen.

I never could get things to work correctly trying to use the DVI-D Cable, I tried 3 different cables, and two different 811's and still had black scan lines and some pixelation in the 1080I mode.

I was about to give up, and then I found the JVC 811 on Sears site. I ordered one last week and received it in a few days.

Picture is perfect on this box, less buggyness, the other box, if you hit guide
while watching an OTA channel, it would go to retrive signal and never come back. Would have to power off.

This one, takes about 10 seconds and the guide comes up. Also guide video comes up faster.

It still suffers sound loss when going from SD to HD at times, switching channels brings it back.

SO whats up, did I get lucky, or is Dish having the 811's built by the low bidder and JVC is doing their own thing with the design ? The JVC box acts much better on nearly everthing.
A couple of things come to mind here. The Dish 811 could be defective or your dish may not be pointed correctly. Don't know where you are at, but take a look at your signal strength via the point dish menu. The higher the number, the better. I am getting about 115+ on the 110 and 119. I get no scan lines and the guide takes about 15-20 seconds to update. (Still seems like an eternity though)

The JVC receiver sounds like it has a more sensitive tuner. If you're getting a good signal then I'd talk to Dish or your installer about getting a replacement 811.
Other than the old DVHS recorder, all of the JVC units are exactly the same as the E* units. To the point that they are built by the same manufacturer.

You may be seeing a difference between receivers, but it has nothing to do with being and E* or JVC unit.
Guess I got lucky, signal strenth is 105-110 percent on 119 and 97-103 on 110.

I went through two 811's, both had the same problem using the DVI, so must of got lucky with the JVC box.
That is a good signal. Try using component cables to see if you get the same result. There is obviously something different between the JVC the E* box.
There was no problem using the component cables on either 811's. Only when using the DVI.
Interesting. I haven't tried DVI yet. If it's working with the JVC, then the E* 811 would be suspect, but having two different boxes fail sounds odd. I would say it's time to talk to a Tech or your retailer.
I escalted this with Dish, Never heard back, I also escalated with Corp Headquaters with JVC, never heard back.

How do you all know that the boxes are identical. Alot of Electronics are designed, then built by numerous companies, ie: A Video card may have one design, that design/license is then sold off to several companies, all who follow the design but have different manufactures make it.

Couldn't the 811 Dish and 811 JVC be the same way ?

How do you like the 322 ?

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