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Jun 17, 2004
I have been working with a local Dish Network dealer installing their dishes on a temporary basis. The primary installer has now retired from this line of work and has allowed me to take over all of the installations for this dealer. Previously I had been doing the installs for the rate that the dealer provided and I never questioned it because I was only doing a few here and there and just considered it extra cash.
Now, since I will be taking on a lot more installations, I have questions about the rate of pay per installation and what is typically included in the "Free Standard Installation".

I'm wondering if anyone would be able to provide any information on what Dish Networks reimburses the dealer for installations and what Dish typically includes in their Standard Installations.
I'm primarily concerned with the SuperDish installs and SuperDish Free Upgrades but would also like information for Dish 500.
As it currently stands, I would end up losing money on doing SuperDish Upgrades.
I am not yet SBCA certified, but am considering becoming certified if their is true value in installing these systems.

Does anyone know how or where I can find official information from Dish Network on this?

I apologize if this is not an appropriate forum for discussions such as this. If so, does anyone know where I should be addressing these types of questions?

Thank you for any information anyone can provide! :confused:

The retailer is at risk when he has the SuperDish upgrades performed. If the customer does not keep their service on for six months then the retailer will be charged back the cost of the dish. Some retailers also have problems getting reimbursed.

I do not think Dish Network will give you any specific information regarding the commissions retailers get on installations and sales. I will tell you that the pay is not that much, especially if the retailer has to pay a COD charge on every box without any other options and if the SuperDish comes in two boxes. I have to pay $35 just to get the two dish SuperDish boxes shipped to me. Then you have install materials such as poles and wires.

Some retailers charge extra for pole mounts and/or extended wire runs while others do not. Dish Network has just recently started paying a little more to make up for the shipping and installation costs involved with the SuperDish because there is quite a noticable difference in install costs of this dish compared to the Dish 300/500 not counting the extra time that it takes and it being more difficult.

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