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Sep 23, 2003
Spencerport, NY
Can anyone tell me what I need to hook up a Dish Vip222k to the VuQube1000?

Thanks Edwards


Your 222k is a two satellite tuner receiver and will likely not work, or at the least have huge issues with the VuQube.

The reason is the VuQube can only receive one satellite slot at a time your receiver is going to try to pickup all the the necessary orbital slots to receive the programing you are subscribed too.

At the very least your receiver will try to lock onto 119 and 110 for both tuners, if you subscribe to HD programing, your receiver will also try to lock onto 129 or 61.5 for your HD channels. Since the VuQube is only able to lock onto one orbital slot and be only able to provide either ODD or Even transponders your 222k is going to have big problems.

I suggest you skip the 222k and get a single tuner 211.

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