Dish Anywhere FireStick and iPhone Not Working


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Ah, you were posting regarding the OP’s issues. Your post immediately followed some posts from Bossmas4325 about the inability to pause live web streamed programming in DANY. These things can happen when we are having dual conversations. Sorry about that.
I hear ya Bobby. Gets confusing sometimes when folks don't use the reply button when posting. I always try using the reply button when posting a reply to a specific post.
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Maybe I can help - what kind of content are you trying to watch on DANY? Feel free to DM me your receiver ID and I'll take a look and see if I can identify any network errors being reported back to us (very rarely ever has anything to do with the network in your home and much more to do with how well the Hopper can handle it). Are you seeing any specific pop-ups with numbers in the top right corner or is it just constantly buffering/telling you your hopper is offline etc etc.

For total transparency there are channels that are streamed from your set top box that are just in general going to be worse quality because of a couple different issues we're working through on Hoppers (H3 specifically). Anything that has the "wave" icon is a OTT source from Sling and should work MUCH better - but still not to the same standard as Sling (Sling is really a pretty top notch service quality wise).

I'm not a DANY expert but I can get someone who is to look into your experience and try to understand what is happening. Thanks!
Josh started a conversation with you. Thank you in advance.
Update on DANY issue

Not sure what Josh did or who he got involved with the problem but it is 100% working now on iPhone and when I head for Bristol races in a little over a week I'll confirm if it is also once again working on FireStick!

Josh thank you very much for taking charge of this issue as I was getting absolutely no where with 800-333-DISH.