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Sep 8, 2003
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My experience has been different routers act differently. The Actiontec router I have does not allow slingbox to work over the LAN, ditto any surveillance cameras, nothing over Wifi where the device is part of the LAN. I have to disable the Wifi connection if I am testing my cameras with my smartphone so I am over the Cell network.

My linksys router worked great for so many years, but it throttled the speed of newer applications for some reason. My new Netgear router handles everything great -except I have to reboot it every so often when I realize the speed over WiFi has drastically dropped. And the new protocol whatever it's called works much better than the old over Wifi but not all devices I have can use that. (IPV6)

So I too would be looking at the router or some setting on it.
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Jul 30, 2013
Problem solved: Now able to access Dish Anywhere from computer

Got back from extended travel today and was preparing to try port forwarding. When I checked for firmware updates on my ASUS RT-N66U, upgrading from version to version solved my Dish Anywhere problem. Thanks, ASUS.

It's also possible that an automatic upgrade to the Dish DVR software helped, so I need to acknowledge that possibility as well.

Now I can watch live TV and recordings from the DVR on my computer in addition to watching them on my smartphone, which was never a problem. I had a family member test from his computer outside the firewall, and he was also able to access Dish Anywhere capabilities.
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