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Feb 17, 2005
Laurel Springs NJ
I have been a Dish customer for about 10 years. From the beginning I have purchased my receivers from third party suppliers. All of a sudden in Dec '05 after buying and installing 2 411 receivers my bill shows a leased receiver charge. Not an additional receiver charge but a leased receiver charge!!! So for the last 2 years I have half heartedly I have been trying to have my account changed.

Well last week, 3 weeks after replacing 1 of my 411's with a 211k and adding another 211k I receive a letter stating that I have a receiver that needs to be replaced, not returned but replaced. I called and the customer service rep said that 1 of my receivers was old and was to be unsupported in the near future. This could have been my 6000 that I was using during the transition between receivers.

I told the rep that the receivers were all purchased by me and were not leased. Well today I received a box to send the receiver back. Last Monday or Tuesday I got around to removing the 6000 receiver from the account. This left on my account 2 211k's and 1 out of 2 411's. The last 411 has a heat problem and I am using it only as a quick replacement in event of 1 of the other receivers failing.

I called Dish today to get to the bottom of the leased receiver problem. I spent more than 2 hours on the phone at different times during the day demanding the account to be changed. I finally was told I needed to fax receipts for the 2 211's and 2 411's to them. I don't have a fax machine or a fax/modem any more so I said I could EMAIL them the info but they couldn't do that.

I hung up ready to cancel my account and I realized my laptop has a fax/modem. I get everything together a create a PDF file. I install fax software on my laptop and I am ready. During my last phone call I was about 2 seconds away from pulling the plug and then they told me when I was ready to fax everything call back and ask for the Executive Resolution dept. I call back ready to fax and get the customer services people again and ask for the Executive Resolution dept. but am told that the customer rep I am talking to can help me. I again get fedup when she tells me that I will receive an EMAIL from the Tech Support people with info about my receivers.

I say connect me to Executive Resolution dept. or close my account. She says I will need to return my receivers. I again remind her that I am calling to fax my info about me purchasing my receivers. I again tell her to connect me to connect me to her supervisor, Executive Resolution dept. or Mr Dishnetwork now because I want to get this fixed today or thats it I am done with Dish!

I finally get connected to the Executive Resolution dept. The rep there gives me the fax number and tells me he will EMAIL me with word in 2 or 3 days.

I did some checking. It would only cost me $0.20 more to get almost everything I have on Dish thru Comcast! I don't want to leave but if this leased receiver problem isn't fix by the end of the week I will have 4 receivers for sale on EBAY!!!!

I know the change won't change my bill because the 1 receiver that they say is leased will change to a "additional receiver" status but it is just the fact that they, Dish, added this receiver to my account but as a leased receiver and not an "additional Receiver" on my account with no proof from them that I leased the receiver.

Thanks for letting me vent.:mad::mad:

Rich Dunklee
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Supporting Founder
Mar 28, 2004
TampaBay Florida
I would email the ceo addy. Also tell them to supply you with the agreement contract stating the leased receiver. I would think they would have to also have a paper trail if you did "lease" something. I would be PISSED if they pulled that on me :mad:. I have never gotten anything from Dish, I have always bought my stuff including when I first got dish, I dont think there was anything "free" back then (1996). Good luck :).


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Sep 15, 2008
Very interesting post Rich. I too fought the purchased receiver problem. Every time they would agree that I actually owned the thing and promise to change my accoun t, nothing happened. After four or five time at this, I just gave up. Then it happened, the receiver that I had purchased and they thought they owned, broke. I verified with Dish that they 'owned the box'. They said they did. I then got a free replacement. I sorta won...sorta
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