Dish billing issues (I HATE DISH)


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Sep 26, 2005
Long story short, had 2 receivers, but only really need one, so i called dish so they send me a box for that receiver (301) but the box they sent was all smashed up. So called them again and never received another one. Ended up moving, and noticed i was billed 200 bucks on my credit card from Dish for the 301 receiver.

Called them up and had the fight, they finally sent me a box and i mailed it back quickly. UPS said they received it dec 20th 2006.

Called Dish asking for my refund, they told me i would in 2 to 3 weeks.
Didnt like that but fine, the Dish guy asked me how i wanted the refund , had a choice either back on my bankofamerica card or on my Dish account. I TOLD HIM CLEARLY to have it back on my Bank of america card.

So i go to pay my dish bill today and guess what, they credit the refund to my dish account.

This is unacceptable as i cleary told them i wanted it back on my credit card.

Im about ready to quit dish, so i was wondering if i quit would they send me my refund in a check or what?

Im 16 months into my 18 month agreement and i only get the Dishfamily package since where im staying at right now already has cable.

And i dont even had the dish hooked up here, i was waiting till i moved and got my own place and then hook it up.

So sucks paying 20 bucks a month for something i dont even get to watch.

Please any help guys. Anyway i could get the refund back on to my credit card? I emailed the ceo.

Bad enough i get hung up on everytime i call dish about this problem too.
Patience kemosabi. They have to put the refund against your account, they then recharge your account as a "refund" and send it to your bank as a credit.

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