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Oct 24, 2003
Hi all,

I have the dish 510 and it's great. But I have one aggravation. It's that damn "dish" button. Have you noticed that this one button sits higher than all the other 40+ buttons on this remote???

So, when it gets stuck between the cushions of a couch or sitting fact down on an arm rest so the remote gets pressed so to speak...Wah Laa, Dish home interactive TV comes on.

This is so annoying!! You would think some market research would have discovered this. I am working on a duct-tape procedure to remedy this. It should be called the "annoyance" button, maybe super-glue might be the answer??

If you lock out channel 100, it will help with the accidental pressing of the DISH button. Instead of starting the interactive program, a box will pop up and say the channel is locked. If you decide to use the interactive program, just punch in the numbers 100 from the keypad.

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