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Jan 18, 2011
We have the 922 Sling-enabled DVR. Here's what bugs me about it, and I hope it's just something I'm doing wrong.

When I navigate into the guide and choose a show to record, why can't it ask me (every time) if I want to record on TV1 or TV2? It bugs me that it always assumes the TV I'm using. Our old non-HD DVR would do this if the show was already in progress.

Is this just an option on the DVR that I'm missing?

You should ask this in the 922 Support forum. I could tell you what to do with a 622/722, but not sure about the 922.
You can change the default setting on your ViP922 receiver by pessing Menu, then Settings, and the selecting Record Plus. If you enable Record Plus you can set the recordings to default to TV1 or TV2.

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