DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

Oh crap. I went to download my bill and just saw that DISH was hacked.

I made a mistake when I signed up with DISH in 2006. The CSR on the phone who set up my installation asked for my Social Security Number and I gave it to him. Kicking myself, thinking about it now. I hope SSN's weren't part of the information that was stolen. *sigh*
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Dunno. I saw that the US Marshalls were also attacked and the Dole company of all people.....
They aren't targeting people. This isn't corporate espionage. Emails and software scanning everywhere are out in the wild. And if they hook someone, they bury in deep, do their thing, and demand ransom to turn it back on.
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Latest update:

"Even though Dish Network didn't name the ransomware gang behind the incident, sources have told BleepingComputer that the Black Basta ransomware operation is behind the attack, first breaching Boost Mobile and then the Dish corporate network.

Additionally, multiple sources told BleepingComputer that the attack occurred in the early morning of February 23, with the attackers compromising the company's Windows domain controllers and then encrypting VMware ESXi servers and backups.

BleepingComputer has not been able to independently confirm this information and no ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Dish Network has yet to reply to multiple emails requesting more details regarding the outage and the ransomware attack behind it."

Dish Network confirms ransomware attack behind multi-day outage
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