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Dec 5, 2013
United States
So, I have directv right now, but I liked the hopper much better. The main reason I stuck with direct was because of espn u and disney in hd. After this new deal with disney, does dish have more HD than directv? If so, as far as college basketball and football is concerned, who would be a better bet? Thanks!

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Jun 30, 2005
In all seriousness very hard to tell you who is "better" you really have to review programming and see what suits you Though once the HD from Disney lights up and SEC, longhorn, goal line and such come later summer/fall sports will not be too shabby on Dish This coming from a sports fan who is a Dish sub

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Sep 8, 2003
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At one time the non sports answer was easy, DISH clearly had many more channels in HD. Direct TV was clearly the carrier for sports. It has become muddled now and you have to a little more research to decide which is best for you, because Imo they are the two best carriers. It isn't who has more HD, it's what you watch and then who has it, and in what package.
At this moment, and only at this moment, it would appear DISH actually may be better for a college sports fan. That said, we do not know for certain if all games will be in HD, or if Direct TV will pick up more conferences. And I am assuming you are not in a DMA for NYC sports if RSN's are important, and remember RSN's are not full time HD with DISH, though most pro games will be HD.

I'm going to leave money out of this, unless you know the exact packages you want, exact receivers, how many of them, etc... there is no one who could tell you if it would cost more or less with DISH than you pay now. That said, very generally Dish probably will not be more, could be less.


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Feb 6, 2008
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I've always thought dish has the better equipment w the Hopper and direct had the better selection of hd...and I'm a huge sports fan

Now with dish signing a new agreement w disney it seems...and this is just me speaking (since I believe the Hopper is the better receiver) that the only big attraction direct tv has now over dish is Sunday ticket (maybe ei for MLB fans (I think direct has it) and 24/7 rsn )

Especially if/when dish gets the watchespn for me I prefer red zone over Sunday ticket and I don't mind the rsn not being full time and not an avid MLB fan so I think sticking w dish and not jumping ship is working out for me... I'm excited for the future

Now I have no problem w direct though and feel they have a lot going for them but i just prefer dish...I'm sure direct tv isn't going to just sit around and will find a way to match or 1up dish...but all in all its personal preference

Now if dish can just get more hbo/showtime/cinemax/starz channels and all of them in hd haha
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Sep 8, 2003
You have to make list of the channels that you watch. Then check each Dish and Directv package to see how high you would have to go to get the channels that you watch. Then look at the cost for that package from that provider. Dish offers different channels in their lower packages than Direct. So, it entirely depends on what YOU watch.
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