DISH Installation 3-31-04 Any recommendations


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Mar 26, 2004
South Florida
Hey guys :)

Tomorrow I am having my Dish Network 522 installed. I have never had satellite before. By the way I live in South Florida in case that may effect any of the questions below.

I have a couple questions about the install process...

1. Anything I should ask the installer for? (ie... different cables, special splitters, etc)

2. Anything special I should ask the installer to do?

3. How long should a correct install run? (assuming no major problems)

4. Anything else I should know to make sure the install is done correctly?

Or am I just paranoid! :eek:

Anyways, any help or suggestions re: installs would be greatly appreciated! :D
Yeah, you could cancel the install and go with another provider who actually cares about their customers, like Directv for example.
Let the installer do what he is going to do. You can follow him around if you want and try to help out :)

Typical install takes about 3 Hours, maybe 4 with the installation of the 522.

Just make sure he grounds it properly and does a neat job running the wires before you sign off on his work :)
u4ea said:
uh oh... i hope thats not the general feeling out there.

Can you explain why you feel that way?

It is not the general feeling. There are some people who feel more strongly about certain things. There are other people out there who are DirectTV-only dealers and pretend to be fed up with Dish Network. Hard to tell them apart.

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