Dish Launches 1st Ever 24/7 English-language Channel About China (1 Viewer)

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From Asianweek:
DISH Network L.L.C., the U.S. leader in international programming, launched a new English channel called Blue Ocean Network (BON) as part of its International Basic Package on July 27, 2011. The channel offers 24/7 English programming that focuses on Chinese culture, lifestyle and business. BON (DISH Network Ch. 678) is independently-owned and privately funded English-language Television Network offering Americans unprecedented and comprehensive programming focusing on a contemporary and rapidly changing China.
Until BON, Americans had limited access to quality programming and content that explored the multi-faceted Chinese world from their perspective. BON’s exclusive content provides an entertaining and engaging way for Americans to substantially expand their views and understanding of China and its people.
BON is more than a 24/7 news and entertainment network; it is a Television and online resource center packed with practical information. It is where viewers can learn Mandarin and Chinese cooking; where travelers can discover insider tips on exotic and historical Chinese locations; where Americans can gain insight into Eastern trade and business practices; and where the at-home audience can gain a better understanding on a variety of topics about China. For everything from modern art to politics, from cuisine to technology, BON is the best guide to all things Chinese.
BON marks a new era of compelling, fresh and unbiased programming featuring exceptional production values that meet American audience standards. Produced in China by China’s most distinguished pioneering media company, BON covers the never-seen-before China with exclusive and original programs presented in Western style.
The following is a selection of some of BON’s most popular shows:
“Hand Made in China”, a spirited look into a charming, unique world, far away from mass production, that vividly reveals traditional Chinese handicraft skills, humorously captured and presented by hosts who endeavor to reproduce these traditional Chinese arts under the skillful guidance of the Masters of Chinese handicrafts.
“Trip Tips” showcases different regions and cities from around China. Whether you’re already in China or planning to visit, Trip Tips will give you all the information you need to plan your vacation.
“Exploring China” reveals China from the surprising inside-out perspective of foreigners who live in China, but who may not know it as well as they think. Their journeys across the country question their knowledge of China. Each week the team explores a unique region of China, presenting their off-the-beaten-track experience.
“China Take” brings audience into the buzzing world of China’s online society. In discussion forums, chat rooms, and SNS sites – find out how Chinese people see the world, and their perspective of different opinions.
“Price Watch” keeps viewers in-the-know, reporting everyday prices in China, ranging from travel and transportation to housing, health, luxury goods, food and education. Wherever possible, Chinese and U.S. prices are compared along with respective living costs.
“Trick for Learning Chinese” opens the door to learning all tricks about the mysterious Mandarin Chinese language. As a performer in China, host Francois Tchiegue began his journey learning Chinese five years ago, and today he speaks, reads and writes the language fluently.
“Making the Grade” is a weekly program that focuses on China’s educational issues. A broader understanding of schooling in China provides audiences greater insight into Chinese culture and values, as well the high stakes nature of the education system. Through topics such as migrant and rural education, the program will explore education in an accessible, holistic manner that highlights the human sides of these social issues.
“Nancy Merrill: Minds of Millionaires”, a talk show designed to explore the story of China’s richest entrepreneurs. Nancy Merrill is a veteran host (NBC, CBS), and is a four-time Emmy Awards winner.
For more BON’s programming information, please visit
DISH Network Launches the First Ever 24/7 English-language Channel About China

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It sounds like a nice channel, but "first-ever 24/7 English-language channel about China"? Wouldn't that be CCTV9?


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So the west can see how china does things? Really? Before long china tv will be part of the welcome pack.

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