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Pub Member / Supporter
Jan 20, 2006
Morganton, NC
Just incase you didn't get the email this morning, here is the latest marketing email from DISH Network.

Got mine...but I really expected Charlie Ergen's picture to be on there wearing a rubber glove, a jar of vaseline, and a "cartoon" balloon caption above his head with the question: "It's February, guess what that means?" --OR-- Charlie bent over shooting us a moon with the same message above his head.

To my surprise, I saw neither of those images nor any mention of additional receiver fee increases in this newsletter. However, I hear my wife's voice from a nearby room telling me that I have a warped imagination -- I have no idea what she means:D

Mark A Sparks

SatelliteGuys Pro
Nov 6, 2009
East Tennessee
I got mine too, was curious to see the TV schedule of events for the Olympics so I clicked on that image:
Guess what it says


Another "SOON" moment at Dish Network, I'm not surprised!
You would think that with the events within 2 days they could have the schedule ready before they send out the email. :eek:
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