dish movers--your opinion please

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Nov 5, 2003
I think you will be very happy with the above set up, its very much the same as the system I use mainly right now : ) I have the SG2100 motor and I am very happy with it, almost two years now and it is still going strong, I noticed a slight amount of rust on the clamp threads the other day when I upgraded to the 90cm dish (another great choice) so I gave them a wire brush and a spray with WD-40 and the motor now looks like new again.

I have only installed one Satcontrol motor and it was easy enough to set up after reading the manual, but since I have installed so many SG2100 I would have to say they are easier (for me) to set up. I know a few members here have the Satcontrol motor and they may be the best judge for it. I would go with what the salesperson recommended, being so close and all you are very lucky for service and support. If you do go with the Satcontrol motor please post your findings and results with it, good luck with the new system!


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Dec 20, 2004
Some people are put off by the "Plastic" gears.
But 150,000 miles ago I put a "Plastic" geared timing chain on my 65 Ford
Pickup's engine. I think it's going last longer than the metal geared ones did.
That's some pretty good "Plastic."
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